What We Do...

Sustainable, recyclable & furniture to last a lifetime!

OUR WOOD FINISH COLOURS LIST: NATURAL PINE - untreated, CLEAR COAT - treated, ANTIQUE - orangish tone, LIGHT OAK - yellowish tone, DARK OAK - light brownish, greenish tone, LIGHT WALNUT - light brown, WALNUT - brown, DEEP MAHOGANY - reddish tone, EBONY - black.

We use recyclable cardboard boxes that we receive from our local other businesses.

Handmade by my - experienced welder. Steel frames will be finished in clear coat or a wide range of spray coat finishes.

We use varnish on all our products which help protect your furniture and offer *water-resistant properties.

We promise to provide unrivalled customer service from the outset whilst handcrafting premium products to last a lifetime using sustainably sourced, high-quality materials. We love interior design and through passion and bespoke crafting, we create furniture that fits your home perfectly. We handmake every piece with a care and passion for wood and metal working in our UK based workshop.

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